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1954 Henley Fleece Utility Shirt - Faded Black

Marke: Pike Brothers

Verkäufer: L´Atelier Monsieur Düsseldorf

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'1954 Henley Fleece Utility Shirt - Faded Black'

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To fine workwear pants you need the proper addition: The Pike Brothers 1954 Henley Utility Shirt. For the pattern an authentic vintage tee with button front and a slim fit has been used. Remember these shirts were meant to be worn underneath, which explains the slim fit, but of course they look just as stunning on the outside.

  • 100% cotton brushed jersey fleece
  • 230-240g/qm
  • Cat eye buttons
  • Long cuffs
  • Made in Portugal

An inner fabric that is textured like the one used in sweatshirts is often referred to as "fleece." This material has a soft, fuzzy surface on the inside, providing warmth and comfort. Fleece is particularly popular for sportswear, casual clothing, and cold weather conditions, as it provides insulation and effectively wicks moisture away.

    L´Atelier Monsieur
    We only offer goods we are completely convinced of, meet our high quality requirements and are definitely worth their price.
    Articles which do not captivate by their brand name, but instead by their superior quality and extraordinary craftsmanship.

    A good friend of mine always used to say "The product makes the brand", a statement which is absolutely true.
    Das Produkt wurde zum Warenkorb hinzugefügt