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Abelia Blanc

Marke: Sessile

Verkäufer: L´Atelier Monsieur Düsseldorf

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'Abelia Blanc'

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The iconic Abelia is a must-have for any wardrobe. An Eco friendly AND reparable classic sneaker. A sustainable leather sneaker.

The Sessile trainers are designed, patterned, cut, stitched, assembled, inspected and packed in Montjean-sur-Loire (France). They can be repaired at any time in France at the Sesille workshop. This extends the life of your shoes many times over. You save natural resources, protect the environment and your wallet. How cool is that?

  • Leather upper, heel counter and tongue: Italian tannery.
  • Leather lining: Portuguese tannery.
  • Recycled rubber sole: Portugal
  • Recycled foam and leather insole: France/Spain
  • Cotton laces: France
  • Tri-colour viscose border: France
  • Nickel-free brass eyelet: France
  • Recycled and recyclable cardboard box: France

  • Carbon footprint at production: 4,5 kg CO2 eq
  • (To give you an idea, a classic pair of sneakers imported from Asia emits about 13 kg CO2 eq. or more)
  • After repair: 2.2 kg CO2 eq !!!

L´Atelier Monsieur
We only offer goods we are completely convinced of, meet our high quality requirements and are definitely worth their price.
Articles which do not captivate by their brand name, but instead by their superior quality and extraordinary craftsmanship.

A good friend of mine always used to say "The product makes the brand", a statement which is absolutely true.
Das Produkt wurde zum Warenkorb hinzugefügt