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2 Beak Tumblers by Tomas Kral

Marke: Nude Glass

Verkäufer: NAVE Köln

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Verkäufer Bewertung

Inhaber/in - Juliette Nickel Verkäufer Bewertung

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'2 Beak Tumblers by Tomas Kral'

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This Beak set of glasses by NUDE Glassware is a testament to designer Tomas Kral's vision. Inspired by the graceful contours of avian beauty, this set boasts a sleek outline reminiscent of its complementary carafe.

Crafted from premium lead-free crystal, each piece in this collection exudes clarity and durability. The angular silhouette of the glasses reflects exquisite craftsmanship, featuring balanced proportions and an air of refined elegance.

For a truly harmonious presentation, pair these glasses with the accompanying carafe from the NUDE Beak series. Together, they create a stunning ensemble that elevates any dining experience to new heights of sophistication.

Elevate your table setting with the NUDE Beak set of glasses, where timeless design meets unparalleled quality.

  • 35 ml capacity I 8,5 cm Width I 11,5 cm Height
  • set of 2 glasses
  • Handmade
  • Lead-free glassware


NAVE was created to bring together a modern consumer, conscious of their consumption and impact on the environment with brands and artisans who produce timeless design, ecologically, ethically and to a fair price...
I source beautiful products from great artisans all over the world - from some of the best carpet weavers in India to Scandinavian ceramists. I try to find things that are original and unique but useful and cleverly designed. I consider design to be democratic and should be available wherever you are, whoever you are.
Das Produkt wurde zum Warenkorb hinzugefügt