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Bole Candle Holder M blue / green

Marke: Lex Pott

Verkäufer: NAVE Köln

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Verkäufer Bewertung

Inhaber/in - Juliette Nickel Verkäufer Bewertung

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'Bole Candle Holder M blue / green'

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The Bole candleholder is a series of candleholders for tea lights and dinner candles, designed by renowned Dutch designer Lex Pott. This medium sized edition is designed to hold tea lights and ideal in combination with the small and large sized candle holders.

By playing with different heights and diameters, a colourful landscape is created. And by working with transparent colours, a layered and spatial image is created by placing several candlesticks together. The Bole candleholder is available in three sizes and seven different colour combinations.


Borosilicate glass


21cm Height I 11cm Diameter

Dynamic Design: Elevate your candlelight experience with the Bole Candleholder series, where a thoughtful interplay of heights and diameters creates a dynamic and visually appealing arrangement.
Colorful Landscape: Designed with a keen sense of aesthetics, the Bole series introduces a spectrum of seven vibrant color combinations, allowing you to curate a personalized, colorful ambiance in any setting.
Versatile Use: Suitable for both tea lights and dinner candles, this series seamlessly adapts to different occasions, making it a versatile addition to your home decor.
Layered Elegance: The use of transparent colors adds a layer of elegance and sophistication. When several Bole candleholders are clustered, they create a captivating, layered effect that enhances the overall spatial charm.
Sizes to Suit Your Style: Available in three sizes, the Bole Candleholder series offers flexibility in styling. Choose from the small, medium, or large options to tailor your candle display to your preference.


Bring a touch of Dutch design excellence to your space with the Bole Candleholder series. Whether you're creating a cozy atmosphere or hosting a special dinner, these candleholders are your key to transforming any moment into a work of art. Explore the dynamic interplay of colors and sizes—order your Bole Candleholders today.




NAVE was created to bring together a modern consumer, conscious of their consumption and impact on the environment with brands and artisans who produce timeless design, ecologically, ethically and to a fair price...
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