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Bole Candle Holder S blue/ yellow

Marke: Lex Pott

Verkäufer: NAVE Köln

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Verkäufer Bewertung

Inhaber/in - Juliette Nickel Verkäufer Bewertung

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'Bole Candle Holder S blue/ yellow'

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The Bole candleholder is a series of candleholders for tea lights and dinner candles, designed by renowned Dutch designer Lex Pott. 

By playing with different heights and diameters, a colourful landscape is created. And by working with transparent colours, a layered and spatial image is created by placing several candlesticks together. The Bole candleholder is available in three sizes and seven different colour combinations.


Borosilicate glass


15cm Height I 10cm Diameter

Dynamic Design: Elevate your candlelight experience with the Bole Candleholder series, where a thoughtful interplay of heights and diameters creates a dynamic and visually appealing arrangement.
Colorful Landscape: Designed with a keen sense of aesthetics, the Bole series introduces a spectrum of seven vibrant color combinations, allowing you to curate a personalized, colorful ambiance in any setting.
Versatile Use: Suitable for both tea lights and dinner candles, this series seamlessly adapts to different occasions, making it a versatile addition to your home decor.
Layered Elegance: The use of transparent colors adds a layer of elegance and sophistication. When several Bole candleholders are clustered, they create a captivating, layered effect that enhances the overall spatial charm.
Sizes to Suit Your Style: Available in three sizes, the Bole Candleholder series offers flexibility in styling. Choose from the small, medium, or large options to tailor your candle display to your preference.


Bring a touch of Dutch design excellence to your space with the Bole Candleholder series. Whether you're creating a cozy atmosphere or hosting a special dinner, these candleholders are your key to transforming any moment into a work of art. Explore the dynamic interplay of colors and sizes—order your Bole Candleholders today.




NAVE was created to bring together a modern consumer, conscious of their consumption and impact on the environment with brands and artisans who produce timeless design, ecologically, ethically and to a fair price...
I source beautiful products from great artisans all over the world - from some of the best carpet weavers in India to Scandinavian ceramists. I try to find things that are original and unique but useful and cleverly designed. I consider design to be democratic and should be available wherever you are, whoever you are.
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