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Christmas Window Sticker set - Mistletoe & Merry Christmas

Marke: Annet Weelink Design

Verkäufer: Annet Weelink Design Amsterdam

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'Christmas Window Sticker set - Mistletoe & Merry Christmas'

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Christmas window foil sticker. Adheres to glass without an adhesive layer. The foil is static and therefore automatically sticks to the window. (Think of the window pictures you used to stick on your window in the back of the car when you were younger ;)
The film is easy to apply and suitable for glass surfaces. Can also be used on mirrors.
Environmentally friendly material. The foil will be adhesive with using a little water. Before applying the foil, moisten the window very slightly with a plant sprayer.

If you want to reuse the stickers, you can save the back part of the 'sticker' so that you can put the sticker back on this back part. So you can use them again next year for Christmas. If the adhesive strength of statically adhesive foil decreases after a while, you can wipe the adhesive side of the foil with a damp cloth with cold water. The foil can be reused up to about 3 times.


The film is easy to apply and suitable for glass surfaces. Can also be used on mirrors. 

Size mistletoe: 47 cm x 16 cm / 18.5 inch W x 6.3 inch H

Size Merry Christmas: 34 cm x 18 cm / 13.4 inch W x 7.1 inch H

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Please note: this is a sticker suitable for glass surfaces, not suitable for walls. 

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