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Hide & Seek - Obsidian

Marke: Bellroy

Verkäufer: L´Atelier Monsieur Düsseldorf

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'Hide & Seek - Obsidian'

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The Hide & Seek has been designed for those who want more of their wallet and want to remain faithful to a traditional look. It offers space for a few coins, unfolded Euro bills and separate compartments for daily or less frequently used cards. In a secret compartment can be stored discreetly f.ex. larger banknotes, different currency banknotes, receipts or the "old" version of your EU ID and/or vehicle registration. In another flat slot, you can safely hold several cards at the same time.
  • 5-12 cards
  • RFID Protection
  • High version for Euro bills
  • 115 mm x 95 mm
  • 4 fast accessible slots for cards
  • 2 big slots for stacked cards (4 cards each)
  • For unfolded notes up to 100,-€
  • Secret compartment
  • Ecologically certified premium leather
  • 3 years warranty

RFID: (radio-frequency identification "identification by means of electromagnetic waves") denotes a technology for transmitter-receiver systems for the automatic and non-contact identification and localization of objects and living beings with radio waves.

L´Atelier Monsieur
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A good friend of mine always used to say "The product makes the brand", a statement which is absolutely true.
Das Produkt wurde zum Warenkorb hinzugefügt