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T-Sonthi XO Rum Belize - 700ml

Marke: T.Sonthi

Verkäufer: L´Atelier Monsieur Düsseldorf

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'T-Sonthi XO Rum Belize - 700ml'

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The basic ingredient of the  T. Sonthi  rum comes from molasses. The distillation is done by the well-known distillery, Travellers Liquors Belize.
Then the rum is stored for 14 years in bourbon barrels in Belize, which ensures a full-bodied character.
Subsequently, the noble drop, in Germany still gets its finish in former Madeira barrels, which gives the rum its beautiful fruity aromas.
This is joined by a taste with notes of toasted wood, sweet oak and chocolate.

The T. Sonthi Belize is bottled at a pleasant 43% vol. Alcohol content in the bottle. Its great dark color, owes the XO rum exclusively to the barrel influence. The rum was not colored.
The Belize was slightly sweetened, (under 20g sugar per liter) so it is less sweet than the Panama and Barbados rum.

  • Color: dark copper
  • Aroma: sweet notes of Madeira grapes and exotic fruits, with spicy wood nuances behind.
  • Taste: Spicy and sweet attack. Sticky molasses and oak combine with dark grapes and some bitterness.
  • Finish: Long lasting, with impressions of raisins and dried plums.
  • Alkohol: 44.3 % vol.
  • Storage: 14 years bourbon barrels / Madeira barrel finish
  • Manufacturer: Thomas Sontheimer
  • Distributor: Wagemut Produktion GmbH, Max-Weber-Strasse 5, 25451 Quickborn, Germany
  • Country of origin: Belize

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