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Wool Scarf Tie & Dye - Deauville

Marke: July&June

Verkäufer: L´Atelier Monsieur Düsseldorf

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'Wool Scarf Tie & Dye - Deauville'

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  • Tie & Dye scarf
  • 100% Wool
  • 200 X 70 cm
  • Handmade in India

How is made Tie & Dye
First of all, the fabric is worked in relief and in patterns formed by constellations of dots, stripes or waves.

A succession of meticulous gestures orchestrated by the expert hands of the master craftsmen; in total, ten or so steps are required to create a scarf.

The craftsmen bind the dotted lines of the scarf with great dexterity. Small rolled and sewn cocoons are born from this patient work. It can take up to 3 days to tie a whole piece.

The number of binding and dyeing steps depends on the number of colours and the complexity of the design. After being dipped in the dye, the fabric is dried and stretched to reveal the design.

Finally, when the knots are gently untied, it is always a surprise. Shades appear, tones meet in a unique way.

Origin of the Tie & Dye :
It is from Rajasthan and Gujarat in India that the art of Bandhani was born and developed.

The first signs of this ancestral technique are attested more than 5000 years ago in the Indus Valley where equipment dating back to 4000 BC was found which allowed this type of dyeing and printing. The 6th century Buddhist murals in Ajanta Cave 1 in Maharashtra, depicting the life of Buddha, also bear witness to this.

Alexander the Great mentions the beautiful fabric dyes he saw in India around 300 BC.

Washing tip

Do not use a washing machine or tumble dryer, but rather your hands. Put water in a basin, not more than 30°. Prepare a little washing powder for wool in the water and stir. Then place your wool scarf in the bath and stir gently. Don't let it soak for more than a few minutes before rinsing with several quick baths. Then wring out by gently squeezing your scarf into a ball.

To dry, dry flat and away from the sun on a terry towel. Here is a memo to keep on hand to keep your favourite scarf as long as possible!

L´Atelier Monsieur
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Articles which do not captivate by their brand name, but instead by their superior quality and extraordinary craftsmanship.

A good friend of mine always used to say "The product makes the brand", a statement which is absolutely true.
Das Produkt wurde zum Warenkorb hinzugefügt