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100% natural stool - POT

Brand: Varas Verdes

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Varas Verdes
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'100% natural stool - POT'

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Varas Verdes presents a new product - POT "plant on top"

POT is on ecological and sustainable stool, made by the extraction of cork during the cleaning and maintenance of the oak trees. The agglomerated expanded cork is a 100% natural, non-toxic and additive free product, suitable for nature lovers who want to take action on the preservation off all the green living species in our planet. POT combines contemporary design with sustainable production methods.

100% natural; Additive free; Non toxic; Ecological; Recyclable; Biodegradable; Lower energy; Hypoallergenic; Emergency eatable; Soft texture; Thermic insulation; Acoustic insulation; All different; Zero waste; Water resistant; Fire resistant; Sensitive UV radiation; No. felling of trees.

Application: Indoor and outdoor.
Dimension: L 35 cm x H 42 cm
Material: Expanded agglomerated cork
Finish: Water based varnish

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Varas Verdes
Varas Verdes explores a new concept of contemporary art, combining our knowledge with several different techniques of product design and recovery process, while always keeping in mind the benefits of living in a sustainable planet. This philosophy allows creating customized and handmade sustainable solutions that are unrepeatable and timeless. There is an art form common to us all – social and creative ability to preserve the environment. In Varas, we like to say mission accomplished and put into practice essential resources to build several social projects through painting, designing and branding. Varas gathers a cross knowledge able to generate ideas to our mind and lifestyle revolution.
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