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3 Flaschen Olivenoel aus Kreta

Brand: Kali Zoé

Seller: Kali Zoé Rheinbach

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Kali Zoé
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'3 Flaschen Olivenoel aus Kreta'

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Origin: Greece, West Crete, Apokoronas, the olive groves around the small village of Tsivaras
PDO Apokoronas (Protected Designation of Origin)
Quality: extra native (first grade), certified without chemicals
Production: cold-pressed directly from olives (mechanical)
Variety: Koroneiki Olive
Taste: fruity, grassy

This extraordinary, extra virgin olive oil from Kali Zoé comes from the Apokoronas in north-west Crete. This olive oil is characterized by its fruity and characteristic taste, which can only be found in Cretan olive oil.

The hand-picked Koroneiki olives are processed into oil in the local olive press in Tsivaras.

Every year Kali Zoé olive oils are tested in independent laboratories and their purity and quality are confirmed.

Our olive oils are not mixed: they come 100% from the Apokoronas! No non-local oil or oil from the previous year is mixed in!

Average energy and nutrient content per 100g:

Calorific value / energy: 3.700kJ (884 kcal)

Fat: 100g

of that

saturated fatty acids: 14g

polyunsaturated fatty acids: 7g

monounsaturated fatty acids: 79g

Carbohydrates: 0g

of which sugar: 0g

Protein: 0g

Salt: 0g

For your orders from SugarTrends, we send the products directly from our warehouse in Germany to your home, so that you can quickly enjoy our Kali Zoé delicacies!

Store Information
Kali Zoé
Kali Zoé means in greek the good life and we choose for you local and traditional products from the region Apokoronas in the north-west in Crete. We, Meike & Francois, know Crete since 2008 and decided to live here. „We love living on Crete, feel at home here and don’t want to miss the Cretan lifestyle any more. We have learned to appreciate the local tastes and started our small business Kali Zoé, to sell local and natural products. The pureness of our products is vital for us. We know our producers in person and trust them. All our products are officially controlled and the analysis confirms their purity and high quality.” 

We want to share the rich Cretan products of high quality with you. Enjoy at home what we have learned to appreciate on Crete.

We are happy to sell our products in our small local shop in the Almyrida Resort Hotel and are happy for you to visit us. Our shop is open from April till October but you can order online all year around.  
You can find olive oils, balsamico vinegar (with traditional grape syrop), thyme honey, sea salt, cretan mountain tee (Malotira and Dicatmos).
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