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39.80 EUR / liter peach and lavender syrup (250 ml)

Brand: MUNDART® Sirup

Seller: MUNDART Sirup Kempten

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'39.80 EUR / liter peach and lavender syrup (250 ml)'

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Base price EUR 39.80 / liter
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Product description:

Fruity & lovely!
The red Moselle vineyard peach, which is the protagonist in MUNDARTs® peach-lavender syrup, is something very special. There are only a few fruits every year and the old German fruit variety is in danger of being forgotten. In 2017 there was even no harvest because of the late frost in April. All the more special to capture this rather acidic vineyard peach in a unique syrup essence. It is at home on the steep slopes in the middle of the vines, where the Moselle meanders in several loops between the towns of Bremm and Cochem. The juice is produced very gently after the fruits have reached their absolute degree of ripeness. Each peach is pitted by hand so that there are no unpleasant bitter almond flavors involved. Rather, a subtle loveliness is created by adding lavender flowers from a sea of blue flowers at an altitude of 1200 m at the foot of Mont Blanc.
This fruity-sweet syrup harmonizes with water, sparkling wine, yoghurt and is a perfect base for dressings or dessert sauces.

With the purchase of MUNDART® syrup you support regional cultivation and production!
100% vegan, 100% regional. Without coloring, flavoring or preservatives.

Ingredients: sugar, juice of the red Moselle vineyard peach *, citric acid, extracts from lavender flowers
* Juice content> 40%

Shelf life and storage
Shelf life according to bottle cap. 3 years from date of manufacture. Protect from the sun. Store in a cool place after opening and consume soon. A slight cloudiness or the formation of a sediment are related to the naturalness of the product and are a sign of value-preserving production and the extraction of aromas from fruits, vegetables and herbs.

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