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4 sheets 34C wrapping paper 34 skylines around the World A-Z

Brand: 44spaces

Seller: 44spaces Berlin

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'4 sheets 34C wrapping paper 34 skylines around the World A-Z'

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34 C wrapping paper gift wrap
Beautiful wrapped with our minimalist wrapping paper with skylines from A as in Amsterdam to Z like Zurich. The paper has a comfortable & luxurious touch, semi matte finish and is black / white and pink printed.

Städte from A to Z.
Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Boston, Basel, Bremen, Copenhagen, Chicago, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Istanbul, Cologne, London, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris, Nuremberg, Philadelphia, Rotterdam, Ruhr area, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, Stuttgart, Sydney, Tokyo, Venice, Washington, Vienna, Yokohama & Zurich

. FSC paper 100 g / m2,
. 50 x 70 cm, 4 sheets folded

. Made in Berlin with loving care

Store Information
Gift ideas for the little longings between home and wanderlust
We are a young urban design studio with our own production in Berlin-Kreuzberg and offer home decor, gifts and accessories with stylized city silhouettes in the field of tension between home and cosmopolitanism.

Whether New York City, Barcelona or Paris, there are always cities that attract you particularly strongly. Sometimes the savings are simply not enough for the journey - or the dream destination has not been visited for a long time. With my favourite metropolises to go you can simply bring your place of desire home - with a key ring or breakfast board, cushions, lanterns... and much more.

At the moment you can travel from A like Amsterdam via * Barcelona * Berlin * Bremen * Chicago * Copenhagen * Düsseldorf * Eindhoven * Frankfurt * Hamburg * Istanbul * Cologne * London * Milan * Munich * New York City * Paris * Philadelphia * Rotterdam * Ruhrpott * San Francisco * Shanghai * Singapore * Stuttgart * Tokyo * Venice * Washington * Vienna * Yokohama to Z like Zurich.

We produce most of them ourselves in our studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Or we work with small craft businesses and sheltered workshops in the surrounding area.

Discover in our shop beautiful and useful things for city lovers, cyclists, globetrotters, long-distance travellers, friends, those who stayed at home, those who have moved away... to remember and against forgetting...and of course as a gift for yourself.
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