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Abraham's Tea House
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5 AK water filter cartridges suitable for AEG and Krups fully automatic coffee machines

Brand: Abraham’s Tea House

Seller: Abraham's Tea House Hannover

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Abraham's Tea House
Owner - Christoph Götz Store rating

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'5 AK water filter cartridges suitable for AEG and Krups fully automatic coffee machines'

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Water filter cartridges with screwable cartridge thread to improve the water quality and reduce the calcification of your machine.

5 pack

The highest quality requirements always guarantee maximum enjoyment!

  • High-quality filter granulate made from silver-coated activated carbon and powerful ion exchangers.
  • One cartridge is sufficient for approx. 50 liters, depending on the water quality.
  • The disposable cartridge is inserted directly into the water tank.
  • Compared to other commercially available cartridges, this one still has a pre-filter with a
    extremely fine-meshed filter sieve (opening 180 my), so that no granules through the
    Backflow from the cartridge can get into the water.
  • Suitable for all fully automatic coffee and espresso machines with the "Integrated Pure Water System".
  • Hygienic protection through the cartridges individually welded in foil.
  • In the intact original packaging, it can be kept almost indefinitely at room temperature.
  • The cartridge works according to the so-called upflow principle. Only the
    The amount of water sucked in by the machine and required for the beverage preparation immediately
    filtered before use, thus ensuring optimal filter utilization.
  • New item. Original packaging. Development and manufacture of one of the leading
    Water filter specialists in Europe.

Made in Germany

  • Pieces: 5 pcs.
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: white, lid blue
  • Brand: Abraham`s Teea House

These cartridges are compatible with the following machines:
Krups: Espressia Automatic EA8080, A8050, EA8025, XP7180, XP7200, XP7210, XP7220,
XP7240, XP7250, full aut. EA6910, full espresso aut. EA6930, full aut. EA 8108, EA8245, full aut. EA8250, full aut. EA8255, fully aut. EA8260, full aut. EA8280, EA 8421, EA9000, EA9010, Espressia Automatic XP9000, Orchestra Dialog, Siziliana F860, Krups F088

Siemens: Surpresso S20-TK60001, Surpresso S40-TK64001, Suprpresso S45-TK64F09, Supresso S60-TK68001, Surpresso S65-TK68009, Surpresso S70-TK69001, Surpresso S75TK69009, TK58001, Surpresso Compact TK52002, (not suitable for: EQ.7Plus)

Bosch: TCA6401 benvenuto B40, TCA6709 benv.B65, TCA5601, TCA5608, TCA5809, TCA6801benv.B70. (not suitable for: Bosch TES701 VERO-BAR, TES71151DE, Vero Aroma 700)

Gaggenau: CM200110

Neff: C7660N0

Tefal: Quick and Hot: not suitable for: Type BR303, BR304

Nivona: Cafe Romatica850, (not suitable for 855), 831, 840 and 845, 830,, 770, 750, 740, 725, 720, 710, 650, 660, 630, 620, 610

AEG: CF400, (not suitable for: Type 691, 757, 767, NICR 7 ... NICR 770, NIRF 700, NICR 8)

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Abraham's Tea House
Abraham's Tea House - this is love for tea since 1978. We stand for uncompromising highest tea quality. And we not only say that, we prove that with absolute transparency.

We import each of our teas ourselves from selected tea plantations around the world. In our teahouse headquarters in Hanover, we then test, refine and pack the tea for you
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