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A + A Memory Card Game

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Concentration, is the easiest game to understand but a very hard one to win! This wonderful version is the result of a long journey of research, restoration and cataloging of movable type and typographic materials. Collected in years all around Italy by Anonima Impressori
54 cards printed on Chromocard 300 gr.
Edition of 500

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Amodo is not just beautiful products, what is more striking about this shop is that it is also a beautifully peaceful space to be in, creating a calming atmosphere and shopping experience. Marianna and Matteo previous experiences in the art world are reflected in the way that the store is meticulously curated. They successfully combine their taste and experience to create their own little universe, and at Amodo the jewelry, interior decoration, textiles, books, magazines, and even plants all contain the same level of devotion to design.
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