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Local Meets Global

We are traveling around the world, in order to find wonderful stores and unique products. That way, we can discover the newest local trends as well as traditional designs. Founded in 2014 by Christian Schwarzkopf and Tim Lagerpusch with the headquarters in Cologne, Germany, Sugartrends started with the idea of presenting online local stores that carry special products to an international crowd. Thus, the Sugartrends marketplace can protect those particular small stores to remain profitable in a fierce online competition, while at the same time help each city to remain its local touch, not replacing boutiques and small stores by large chains.

On Sugartrends, owners of local stores present their store and products, so you can shop anywhere in the world with one click - from Berlin to Paris, New York or any other great city

To see the stores, their products and stories, visit our store map

Sugartrends is already spreading the globe with customers & stores from more than 20 countries.

It is one of the essentials of Sugartrends that we are the online extension of each local store. We don't want to represent single designers or manufacturers, in order to cut the margin of the local retailer. This is why we are not the sellers of the products, but the stores are. In addition, we are creating an exclusive shopping experience for each customer, by helping them to discover special products from different corners and cultures of the world. Having said this, we are now glad to say that we have stores in over 100 cities and 20 countries. And this is just the beginning, if you think of global local shopping online, you will be thinking of Sugartrends!

More than 450 stores · 150 cities · 20 countries · 29,000 products

Individual shopping with a unique and international flair - as a gift or for yourself.

Sugartrends is part of a movement, where many people are fed up with standard products, poor quality and bad service. Every product you purchase on Sugartrends should make your life a little better, more tasty and make you feel good. You can shop for yourself, buy gifts for friends or surprise your beloved ones with something special. It can be from a far, but also from a nice boutique in your city. Conveniently shop on your computer or smartphone and pick up the product yourself or have it delivered. And if you have questions concerning the quality, the shipping or any other issue, you can even get directly in touch with the store owner.