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Cold pressed Egyptian black cumin oil

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'Cold pressed Egyptian black cumin oil'

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More than 3000 years known as culture and medicinal plants.
In the Ancient Egypt was the black cumin (lat. Nigella sativa) of the Leibärzten of the Pharaohs as a remedy for indigestion to headache and toothache and as anti-inflammatory agent used.

Medical studies have shown the positive effects of Nigella sativa oil in rheumatoid arthritis and allergic rhinitis (Gheita and Kenawy 2011; Nikakhlagh et al. 2011).
Other studies show an antibacterial and fungicidal effect due to the ingredient Thymoquinon occurring in the black cumin oil (CHAIEB et al.) 2011; Halawani 2009; Al-abre et al 2003).
The Cancer Research Institute from Hilton Head, Iceland in South Carolina has in a scientific work with name "Study of Nigella sativa on Humans" found a significant Antitumor effect. So, the black seed to increase the production of immune cells and increase the production of interferon.

In human medicine:
Black cumin oil is used very widely in humans.
Its positive effect can support health.
  • Black seed oil has a diuretic, verdauungs -, and bile-enhancing effect.
  • supports the respiratory system, nose, throat, and lung
  • promotes and strengthens muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints
  • helps the circulatory system, blood, lymphatic system, and heart
  • strengthens the sense organs, eyes, nose, ears, tongue and sense of touch
Internally, respiratory and allergic diseases are treated.
The oil has anti parasitic and results in a strengthening of the immune system.
Externally it is used for skin care and for the treatment of small wounds and injuries.

In the kitchen
Black seed oil has a very spicy and peppery taste.
It can be used for salads and cakes. It is suited very well to the marinating meat.

Average nutritional values:
880 CAL
Eiweiß                                     0,0 g
Carbohydrate 0.0 g
Fett                                       99,0 g

saturated fat 15,00%
simply ungesätigte fatty acids 24,00%
ungesätigte fats 61,00%

Black cumin oil is supplied in a black lacquered box.
The box itself is made of tinplate and with appropriate food gold lacquer protected from corrosion.
Free of Bisphenol A (BPA)
Inside painted gold and black exterior.
Bottom and top in silver.
Drip free pourer resealable.
Diameter: 55mm height: 80mm
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