All Nut
Owner - Jasna & Miroslav Stojanovic

Vegan friendly hazelnut soap

Brand: OlnatLtd.

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All Nut
Owner - Jasna & Miroslav Stojanovic

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'Vegan friendly hazelnut soap'

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  • 100 gr
  • Handmade and natural
  • For face and body
The hazelnut vegetable soap is designed for oily and combined skin type. It is made with vegetable oils only. Ingredients: Palm, sunflower, olive, coconut, coco butter, Shea butter, castor and hazelnut oil, and pine, sage essential oils, calendula flowers). 100 g All nut soaps are natural, hand made by the cold process.  They are gentle, long lasting, and may be used for face and body. Soaps are sold in five different combinations - so try the other variations.
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All Nut
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All Nut was founded in 2012 and offers delicious cold pressed food grade oils made of plum, apricot and hazelnut that are all locally grown, and natural handmade cosmetics. 

Divine scents, challenging tastes, dedicated people and the most important – quality products. 

For food, body and soul.