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Art Studio Compagnia degli Art
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Amiche - friends

Brand: Sergio Manzi

Seller: Art Studio Compagnia degli Art San Gimignano

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Art Studio Compagnia degli Art
Owner - Duccio Manzi Store rating

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'Amiche - friends'

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A typical Manzi artwork with his favorite subject - the woman - and the art of bringing of forth on stage with his elegant set of colors.

Even the checkerboard pattern in different colors and the use of real gold is typical for him. The faces and shapes are reminiscent of cubism, even though the images are fanned by a touch of ancient Egypt with the fashion in which the individuals and forms are represented.

Sergio Manzi is one of the most significant Tuscan painters of the 20th century and has lived all his life in the picturesque town of San Gimignano.

Dimension: W 52 cm x H 36 cm
Technique: Acrylic & gold on canvas

Please contact or visit US in San Gimignano, in order to get more pictures and information on the paintings and its artist.

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Art Studio Compagnia degli Art

The Art Studio Compagnia degli Art is operated by Duccio Manzi, son of the famousTuscan painter Sergio Manzi. In the artist's hometown San Gimignano, he is trying to keep his father's paintings shining and available for the public and exhibits great creations from other artisans.

Millions of tourists are coming annually to this picturesque city that is famous for its towers. And also the great Manzi painted them in various shapes and colors. But in the end, women were his favorite motif.

Duccio Manzi is the artistic director and the gallery permanently exhibits works by himself, painter Alessandro Andreuccetti, painter Silvano Silvani, mixed media artist Duccio Nacci and photographer Marcello Salvestrini. All these artisans were born in San Gimignano and apart from his deceased father, all the other artists are in full activity.

"My father is the most famous and the most important of our group, I salute you."

If you want more information let me know.

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