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Aqua Select cartridge "Multimax +" 3-pack

Brand: AquaSelect

Seller: Abraham's Tea House Hannover

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Abraham's Tea House
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'Aqua Select cartridge "Multimax +" 3-pack'

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The "Multimax +" cartridge can be used in all new water filter systems for dual chamber cartridges. Due to its higher filter performance it is even more effective against limescale, chlorine, heavy metals and organic compounds. Also, the water hardness is effectively reduced. "Multimax +" is equipped with an ergonomic handle that is safe even when wet.

A coarse filter and a pre-filter made of especially fine mesh fleece filter fine particles out of the water. The filter granules contained in the cartridges consist of silvered activated carbon and ion exchangers. The taste of the water affecting substances such as chlorine are filtered out by the particularly porous activated carbon. Dissolved substances in water, such as lead, cadmium, copper or zinc are bound by the ion exchangers by ion exchange: The ions of these substances are taken up by the ion exchanger and exchanged for hydrogen ions.

First water filling
Activated carbon particles can easily tarnish the first two liters of water filtered with a new cartridge. Although this water is hygienically and tasteless completely harmless, it is recommended to use the first two liters for watering.

Depending on the water quality, the cartridge can filter approx. 180 liters of water. In household use this corresponds to a use of 4 - 6 weeks, after which it is recommended to change the cartridge, because the effect of the filter granules is exhausted.

The cartridges are made in Germany, suitable for food and are regularly monitored.

The shelf life is almost unlimited when stored in the undamaged original packaging and at room temperature.

More about Aqua Select water filtration systems can be found at

Content: 3 pieces
Material: plastic
Color: white
Brand: AquaSelect

Can be used in the table water filter 'Maxtra' by BRITA as well as various other manufacturers of water filters and household appliances such as Siemens, Bosch, Cloer, Russel Hobbs Clarity Glass Type: 20760-70, 18554-70, 20770-56, 20771-56.

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Abraham's Tea House
Abraham's Tea House - this is love for tea since 1978. We stand for uncompromising highest tea quality. And we not only say that, we prove that with absolute transparency.

We import each of our teas ourselves from selected tea plantations around the world. In our teahouse headquarters in Hanover, we then test, refine and pack the tea for you
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