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Art object "Pug Circus"

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Atelier Meike Kohls
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'Art object "Pug Circus"'

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Made of 2 red and black bras, voile, screws, self-luminous red acrylic glass, self-luminous red acrylic glass rods, 5 small black plastic mop dogs.

Dimensions: 28 x 60 x 30 cm

Created for the exhibition Bra- participation - 100 years BH.

Will be shipped in a wooden box.

On February 12, 1914, the American Mary Phelps Jacob applied for a patent for a lightweight and backless bra in the US, which was granted to her on November 3 of the same year.

In 1917, when US presidential adviser Bernhard Baruch called on American women to make their political contributions by releasing "war-critical material" and switching to this fuel-efficient model, the BH supplanted the corset and began its triumphal march around the world. Today, the bra is considered a sign of freedom, self-determination and emancipation of women. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the brassiere, the artist and designer Ursula Pahnke-Felder launched the art project "braparticipation". 54 international, professional artists confronted the artistic confrontation with a commercial brassiere and created 66 works of art. The BEGAS HAUS, Museum Heinsberg shows as the last stop a lot of these partly humorous, partly critical objects of the project: "bra - participation".

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Atelier Meike Kohls

Hamburg impressions and maritime art painted by Hamburg based artist Meike Kohls. You can buy original art, acrylics, screenprints, collages on wood, canvas, metal or recycling material directly in the studio. Artworks with port views of ships, cranes, Landungsbridge, container terminals, tug boats or of the big lake in the middle of the city, the Alster with sailboats and blossoming trees painted in bright acrylic colors.

At the artist's studio gallery you get handpainted art with Hamburg views, as well as artworks and screenprints of women, frogs, men in popart style. Original art made out of recycled material such as beer cans, PET bottles, used license plates, europaletts and tetra packs

coffee mugs with amusing figures. The design has two sides, so you can view the front and the back of the figures. Since 20 years you can buy sexy Christmas Ladies in a limited greeting card edition.

My studio is always open to visitors. Every Wednesday between 15 - 18:30 o' clock, I will be definitly there. Otherwise just call me and tell me, when you would like to visit the studio.

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