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Aufdeckspiel 36 Cities (memory training for Globetrotter)

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'Aufdeckspiel 36 Cities (memory training for Globetrotter)'

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The smart turndown & memory game is 36 cities for city lovers, whistleblowers & curious and, of course, for those who have itchy feet. Kids will just play it and at the same time discover the world with many fascinating places. Elder may play it as a game of precious memories. The game includes 36 city pairs from Europe & overseas. The selected cities are symbolized by their landmarks. A positive and a negative Silhouette of the landmark then forms a pair of cards. The player with the most pairs wins!

Cities to the up & explore: Agra, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Chandigarh, Copenhagen, Dessau, Dresden, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Istanbul, Kiel, Cologne, Kuala Lumpur, London, Moscow, Munich, New York, Paris, Beijing,
Potsdam, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Stuttgart, Sydney, Timbuktu, Tokyo, Toronto, Venice, Vienna and Zurich

Game age 8-99
Players of number of players 2-4
Game duration 20-30 min

72 cards
3 Erkärungskarten

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