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AVANTGARDE SPIRITS - 1 The Martini Cocktail

Brand: Avantgarde Spirits Company

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37.5% vol. | 0.7 liters
Gin, wormwood, orange bitter
Contains sulfites
Makes 14 drinks à 50 ml

With lemon zest, lemon oil
In a gift box

Made in Germany

The Martini Cocktail - Many guys want to be like him, many women want him: dry and tart with a refreshingly spicy character. Since its listing in Bartender's Manual in 1888, he has been the “King of Cocktails” and has been discussed like no other. How much gin and how much wormwood? Dry or sweet wormwood? Which fits better, lemon or olive and then of course the mother of all questions: stirred or shaken?

We know the answer to three of the four questions and have therefore relieved you of the decision. The relationship is right, the new sweet is dry and we stir and not shake. We only leave the choice of the set to you and you can pursue your preference. Whether olive or lemon zest, we like the martini cocktail classic made from a pre-cooled martini glass.

Color: pale straw yellow
Aroma: a playful interweaving of juniper with an idea of exotic fruits, notes of licorice and a subtle hint of freshly ground pepper
Taste: dry, tart with sweetish notes, spicy on the palate with notes of violets and berries, a striking hint of gin, harmoniously played around by wormwood, which breathes an elegant, winey character into the mouthfeel
Finish: long and spicy, with a dual finish of juniper berries and cinnamon
Overall: a lovely balance of gin and wormwood, with a refreshing, spicy character

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