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AVANTGARDE SPIRITS - 2 The Old Fashioned

Brand: Avantgarde Spirits Company

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45.5% vol. | 0.7 liters
Bourbon whiskey, sugar syrup, aromatic bitter
With colorant
Makes 14 drinks à 50 ml

With orange zest, orange oil
In a gift box

Made in Germany

We don't indulge in the old days, we just live it our way. Whoever holds THE OLD FASHIONED is anything but old-fashioned. He simply lives the old-fashioned-way-of-life philosophy: enjoy the moment and enjoy every single one of them to the full.

Since it is one of the most traditional cocktails ever, it more than deserves the name OLD FASHIONED. It's surprising, however, that it was still one of the last drinks that the cocktail renaissance of the 1920s revitalized. Bourbon, sugar syrup and Aromatic Bitter give it its nostalgic sepia tint and thus erase any doubt as to why the drink is called as it is called - The Old Fashioned.

Today you drink this creation from bourbon, sugar syrup and aromatic bitter from a tumbler with ice. The Old Fashioned is moistened with the essential oils of an orange zest and then garnished with it.

Color: bright caramel
Aroma: intensely fruity aromas, notes of vanilla, rich in sweet spices and roasted aromas of new oak, toasty, with hints of blood oranges, tempting through dried herbs
Taste: slightly bitter, with sweet and spicy notes, full mouthfeel, with an idea of candied peels, captivating notes of oak and tart fruit, hints of freshly roasted coffee and cedarwood
Finish: long and spicy, strong notes of cinnamon, spices and smoky barrel wood caress the palate, with a long-lasting note of blood orange
Overall: wonderfully rich and spicy - intensely old fashioned

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