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'AVANTGARDE SPIRITS - 3 The Manhattan'

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43.6% vol. | 0.7 liters
Bourbon whiskey, red wormwood, aromatic bitter
Contains sulfites, with dye
Makes 14 drinks à 50 ml

With orange zest, orange oil
In a gift box

Made in Germany

The Manhattan is the innovative classic. He made the wormwood popular and as a thank you the wormwood made him the "king of wormwood drinks". A typical win-win situation. If you want to enjoy a bit of original New York bar culture in the cocktail tip, to escape the too fast-paced time for a moment, you should fall back on Manhattan and sit back. For perfect enjoyment, flavor and garnish the cocktail with an orange zest, then serve in a chilled cocktail tip.

It is a typical Manhattan, with all its simple but complicated preparation and its exciting relaxation and that is exactly what makes it perfect. Perfect for enjoying, perfect for sharing and perfect for you.

Color: light copper
Aroma: intense fresh notes of cherries and orange, herbs and spices in the background, wine-like nose, with rich notes of pipe tobacco, hints of sherry, candied bowls and allspice
Taste: the honey-soft texture is perfectly balanced, herbaceous and slightly buttery, with wonderful waves of rosemary, fresh pepper and braised fruit, a hint of citrus appears on the palate
Finish: long, herbaceous finish with notes of orange, a hint of dessert wine and a hint of cedarwood
Overall: extremely complex and pleasantly aromatic

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