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No59 Conceptstore
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43.0% vol. | 0.7 liters of gin, vodka, French wine aperitif Contains sulfites Makes 14 drinks à 50 ml Ready-to-drink With lemon zest, lemon oil In a gift box Made in Germany Everyone can have at least one weakness, including a smart secret agent. Let us introduce: The love of life of 007. "I think I call the cocktail 'Vesper'." "Because of the bitter aftertaste?" "No, once you've tasted it, you never want anything else." The VESPER is a James Bond original and therefore Ian Fleming deserves more than thanks. Thank you for James Bond and above all thank you for the cocktail made from gin, vodka and French wine aperitif, which he invented in 1953 for his agent thriller »Casino Royale«. The perfect combination of sweet and bitter flavors can be enjoyed especially ice-cold: preferably from a cocktail tip, flavored and garnished with a lemon zest. Color: radiantly clear Aroma: full and intense, slightly fruity, juniper aroma, with a slight hint of citrus and geraniums, hints of various dried herbs and a little grated nutmeg Flavor: fine tart and full-bodied, rich in top notes of fresh lemon zest , floral notes of geranium, a casual hint of rose petals and a spicy note that is reminiscent of olives Finish: long-lasting herbal finish, followed by a hint of almonds overall: fresh, fragrant and wonderfully powerful
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