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NATUR PUR Naturtextilien
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NATUR PUR Naturtextilien
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Bib & brace Function: 100% waterproof, wind-resistant
Technology: SoftLan®
Target group: Babies & toddlers - 8-16 months
Heat level: transition, spring, summer, autumn Range:playground, children cart, outdoor

At the BabyBuddy is a new invention from the House of BMS. This beautiful baby pants suitable with their practical boots for your little protégés from 8 to 16. Month of life. This optimum Teamwear is totally waterproof and strictly tested on harmful substances in accordance with the criteria ökotex 100 class 1. Equipped with the BabyBuddy of BMS's will play in the garden or on the playground without hesitation. The BMS trousers for children is small to store and can be pulled over in the blink of an eye. For children between 6-18 months 100% waterproof strictly tested for contaminants ökotex 100 class 1 practical BMS trousers with boots to stow small and attract practical BMS trousers with boots with this beautiful bottle and Dungarees of BMS in the blink of an eye your little Darling is optimally equipped to discover the exciting world of garden, playground and forests. The absolutely waterproof BabyBuddy defies even humid weather conditions and ensures that Your child stays absolutely dry. The unique combination of The BabyBuddy is very compact and most importantly BMS trousers and boots, tight. Equipped so you can be sure that when pulling out no Sand trickles in the home or in your car. Convenient baby pants proves to be for your little ones by their space-saving Storage capability. Dressed in the blink of an eye, the game fun for big and small can start directly. TIP: We have found a fun way, how parents can use your BabyBuddy more if the child has learned running. Cut off the foot directly below the rubber band. In our example, we've had to sew to the cutting edge of a cutter for five euros. You must but not necessarily sew to the edge because not aufribbelt the fabric.
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