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Balancing Skin Booster - Ylang Ylang

Brand: Merme

Seller: NAVE Cologne

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'Balancing Skin Booster - Ylang Ylang'

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An oil to regulate sebum and encourage skin to reach and maintain a correct moisture balance. Perfect for combination, bacterial or stress-prone skin due to its soothing and healing abilities. Add this to your chosen Elixir to boost its properties. 

Assists with

Regulating sebum production

Calming irritated or inflamed skin

What makes me amazing

Linalool – For Soothing. Not only is Linalool responsible for the beautiful aroma in many oils, this component of Ylang Ylang is also soothing for skin and calms irritations.

Ingredients & Additional Information

100% Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Cananga Odorata Flower Oil)

Harvested in Madagascar

Complete Certifications: Organic, Vegan

Quantity: 0.3ml

Scent: Strong, sweet, floral


Pour into one of our Facial Elixirs (30ml) and shake well.

Our Guide to Essential Oils: One MERME Skin Booster (0.3ml) will create a 1% dilution when combined with a Facial Elixir (30ml). This is ideal for sensitive, mature or irritated skin types. Add two MERME Skin Boosters to mix and match and create a dilution of 2-3%. This is ideal for daily skincare for normal skin types. Low dilutions of essential oils like these are safe enough to use everyday but it’s recommended to alternate two or three nights a week with another oil or moisturizer.

To get the most out of essential oils, use for 3-7 days or until you see a result then stop and wait. Give your skin a chance to adjust for a few days then continue.

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