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Mug "DOCH" - edition Good spirits


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'Mug "DOCH" - edition Good spirits'

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The funny good spirits conquer your breakfast table. Or your desk. Or wherever you like your coffee or tea.
The white mug of the eDITION gUTE gEISTER carries on the front the funny imprint "Yes." The reverse expresses what you think when you say "Yes".

In the overview:

• White mug with handle
• Black "Yes." Print on the front
• Squiggle print on the back
• Made with a good mood in Germany

Why we sell products from eDITIONGUTE gEISTER:

With Freu-Potential - The eDITION gUTE gEISTER from Harriet Grundmann you just have to have. From her pictures, plates, mugs, vases & co., Lyes and winking funny animal drawings in black and white. At the same time in a great way simple, expressive and amusing, these little ghosts provide a good mood at every look. As mischievous lucky charms, they enrich your table, your wall and your heart.
Harriet Grundmann is an artist. She paints and writes with passion. And she loves the delicate and absurd things. Their good spirits are always on their own, but they are often connected in a special way in the composition of the picture. This gives the viewer plenty of space for his own stories and the little joy moment in between.
As Harriet says so beautifully (quotation): "My good spirits are for people who are fond of wondering ... not too old to be foolish ... and they like to solve the riddles that arise from being together. Such men are never too young, and certainly not too old to tell their own story to the good spirits. "
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