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Beige geometric jewelry set with leather-


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KAALEE Store | Manufaktur
Owner - Leela Kaarow

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'Beige geometric jewelry set with leather-'

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  • Handmade
  • Nickel free
  • Diameter studs 12 mm, ring 18 mm, pendant 30 mm, length including trailer 41 cm

There is our popular jewelry pieces as set at a special price. Thanks to the sleek, minimalist style and the plain form, they are portable to really each piece of clothing and yet an absolute eye-catcher.

We use only leather pieces from earlier productions are produced during the cutting and manufacturing of bags and other accessories for jewelry-making. At KAALEE we have kept exactly these pieces and with every chain, ring and every few studs an individual piece of jewellery is now carefully crafted with leather that would find no use otherwise. A significant communication and at the same time a contribution to sustainability.
The pieces of jewelry with messingfarbener version/chain are available in 16 different colours .

02 beige (natural leather)
03 gold metallic embossed hole
05 ochre
06 amaretti
08 grey Silver metallic embossed hole
09 beige gold metallic
10 Rosé gold metallic
11 metallic sludge
14 Silver metallic
15 grey (natural leather)
17 black
17A Black metallic
19 teal metallic
22 petrol
23 blue
24 green metallic
30 Red

All our jewels are, of course, nickel-free and thus very well tolerated.
We would like to point out that leather is a natural product. This light colour and surface deviations to the displayed image may arise.
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