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Bejeweled golden brass

Brand: Biodiversiterre

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'Bejeweled golden brass'

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This bracelet is made from the Capim Dourado flower from Brazil. The stems of the flower are sewn together with Buriti palm. This bracelet is perfect for formal and special occasions.
Dimensions: 13cm x 1 cm
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Promoting ethical lifestyle for people who wear our clothes and those who made them. We believe that both human and environmental resources are precious, thus we strive for a system that not only produces zero waste, but also enables designers to offer smart solutions through their beautiful creations and consumers to adopt ethical lifestyle best practices while supporting global ethical fashion brands & artisans.In February 2015, we started the process of incorporating the concept of circular economy into our daily practices. We thus became the first eco-center of innovation of circular economy in the fashion and textile industry in Canada. The circular economy model with a gender approach is based on the principle of reducing the need of use of raw material, reduce the output of waste after the products are used, and increase the job opportunities through the value chain. ETHIK supports an ethical fashion that respects the living conditions of men and women and the environment, which is why all our designers in the shop are socially and/or ecologically committed.