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Glanzberg - Passion Wein
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Bernhardt No Milk today 2018

Brand: Weingut Bernhardt

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Glanzberg - Passion Wein
Owner - Monika Glanzberg & Mario Werner Store rating

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Catchy melody, fresh fruits and light acidity on the tongue.

A dry red wine for every day, yet by no means commonplace. The bright Clairet tastes of red, fresh fruits and is characterized by an animating acidity, which unfolds its full potential in a slightly chilled state and gives the wine a refreshing note. The fruit aroma is obtained by the short mash contact and the earwig sits - even if the glass is already empty.

Clairet = bright red wine = From 1152 to 1453 Bordeaux was subject to the English crown, so that England and later the English-speaking world developed a taste for the wine from the region. He was referred to as Clairet because he was lighter and lighter then the powerful dark Spanish and Portuguese wines.

The name Anglicised at Claret, is still common in England for every Bordeaux, while in France as Clairet of the medieval tradition rosé-like, bright red wine from this region is called. This wine is fermented only briefly on the grape skins, so they do not give too much dye. Rarely also the Germanized version claret wine is used.

Information about the winery:
"With us, the wine makes the music and vice versa, because from reading to bottling, music is my constant companion and you can taste it too - sometimes rocking and headstrong, sometimes gentle and melodic - parallels that you can hear and taste. This is how our wines get their names - songs that are close to my heart and reflect the character of the wines, and because music is known to influence the taste, I go one step further and choose the songs for the tastes of the wines optimally experiencing "
Here, viticulture is operated in the third generation - originally a mixed farm, today pure winery. The wines live from the experiences of the past coupled with the creativity and modernity of the young, new generation. Christian's philosophy is entirely based on careful viticulture, and on family spirit.

The new generation, that is: Christian Bernhardt with his girlfriend Julia, supported and accompanied by his dear mother Ilse Bernhardt. They are a strong team and share the ambitious goal of producing high quality wines that taste and surprise.

The Palatinate is a top wine region. There are already many a star who rocks the winemaker scene. The Bernhardts are just warming up with a new collection, with which they want to lead the family winery to new heights and shores. The dry gravel and sandy soils, the wonderful locations and the mild climate of the region are their stable basis - especially for the red wine production.

And they rely on manual labor - from grape production and wine aging to bottling. Hand picking is their program, sometimes in several passes. Drive gives you the pure lust for wine and your claim to make each vintage mature to something special.

winery Bernhardt
Surname No Milk Today
vintage 2018
type of wine red wine
varieties Merlot
sweetness dry
wine style juicy, fresh
country Germany
region palatinate
aging potential 5 - 7 years
alcohol content 13.5% vol.
Net filling quantity 750 ml
allergens contains sulphites
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