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Bialetti, coffee maker Mini Express 2 cups

Brand: Bialetti

Seller: caracda Munich

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'Bialetti, coffee maker Mini Express 2 cups'

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In many kitchens, a small cooker by Bialetti stands for fast, uncomplicated espresso in between. With the model Mini Express, the preparation of the Wachmachers is now even easier on the stage. Because the coffee immediately flows into a cup.

The coffee maker looks not only puristic , he is also functional. Unscrew, add water and coffee powder in the small filter, screw together and off to the stove top, preferably on a gas stove: And after a few minutes, an increasingly louder bubbling indicates that the hot steam rises and in the upper part of the mocha stove collects. Exactly this last step changes with the "mini" variant of the Bialetti . Because instead of the upper coffee container, there is a small spout made of aluminum, which strongly reminds of a mini-tap. From it, the espresso bubbles directly into two cups, which in turn are placed on a small platform. The trick here is that this platform also gets warm when heated and warms the cups slightly.

The special caracda

Size: 30 x 20 x 15 cm

Weight: 290 g

Size: 2 cups

Like the classic Moka Express made of double-twisted, high quality and polished aluminum and the patented safety valve

Suitable for all heat sources, except induction)

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