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Bimbesbox poplar navy blue

Brand: Bimbesbox

Seller: Bimbesbox Rheinzabern

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Also belonging to the nut trees is the predominantly occurring in the south of France walnut sapwood veneer. The picture varies from flat / flowery to fine-line simple. The basic tone is greyish white and nuanced in a dark brown and sometimes reddish brown. The Bimbesbox in walnut sapwood suggests in its appearance a full wood character without, however, to forcefully bring to the fore.

  • 20 grams easily
  • Space for up to 5 cards in credit card format
  • Paper money compartment
  • 91 x 64 x 11mm (LxWxH)
  • Frame material: laminated birch wood;
  • Cover veneer: pear tree
  • Card security: Web elastic with color matching rivets
  • Logo as a laser engraving
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