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Black cumin oil cold pressed organic

Brand: La Vida Verde Ölmanufaktur

Seller: La Vida Verde Dusseldorf

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La Vida Verde
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'Black cumin oil cold pressed organic'

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Our cold-pressed organic black cumin oil is made of Nigella sativa seed, which is not related to conventional cumin. Its antibacterial effect makes it a particularly healthy edible oil. Especially from the Arabian kitchen, it is impossible to imagine. It is great for Arabic dishes, hummus and salads.

The taste is herbaceous, spicy, peppery and reminiscent of cumin. Black cumin oil consists of about 15% saturated fatty acids, about 25% monounsaturated fatty acids and about 60% polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition, it also contains vitamins A and B, as well as minerals and trace elements. Furthermore, it is also wonderfully suitable for oil pulling, an Ayurvedic healing method for detoxification.

In addition, it is still suitable for use on the skin and oil pulling.

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