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»Blank« – Doppelkorn vom Hegauer Weizen, 350ml. 40% Vol. Stählemühle Destiullat N°228

Seller: SZENEDRINKS Munich

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'»Blank« – Doppelkorn vom Hegauer Weizen, 350ml. 40% Vol. Stählemühle Destiullat N°228'

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About 10 years ago I was first in the
Secrets of distillation introduced and burned -
in principle without prior knowledge and completely naive -
in October 2004 my first distillate.
As befits a mill, that was
at that time a grain - from the wheat of my
Neighbors Peter Winter.
This grain was bottled in March 2005 -
in our first bottles with the steel mill logo.
You could say: a fateful decision,
because we are not anymore
got rid of the bottle!
On the occasion of this round birthday
(10 years distillery steel mill) I have myself
Last year decided an anniversary edition
to distill.
A genuine double grain from Hegauer wheat -
and this time with all distillatory know-how and
all experience from the past 10 years as a burner.
The result is a 40% distillate,
the whole typicality of a cereal burn
in subtle nuances - with a slight sweetness,
beautiful cereal notes, mild, soft and harmonious.
With the "blank" we want the Kornbrand segment
to liberate a bit of his dusty image
and show that a grain - if distilled masterfully
and drunk at room temperature -
really really like grain (so bread, wheat and flour)
can taste.
Incidentally, the naming was again
involved my friend Ata Macias from Frankfurt.
His pub, in which there is a special edition
in black sleeve, that means "Plank"
(named after the musician and sound engineer Conny Plank).
We simply changed the "P" to a "B" -
and already was a suitable name
found for our little clear!

In winter we bottled 500 bottles and
as an anniversary edition in pretty cardboard sleeves stuck.
The edition is available now.

»An extremely fine grain burn with
an unusually beautiful finish! «

"Fans mourn the imminent end
the production of the cult distillery near Lake Constance
at Stockach. Again and again
Christoph Keller with his fancy
To impress distillates.
With the double grain he proves casually,
that he masters the classics as well.
Rich in facets with nuances of apple,
Berries, almonds and malt
distinguishes the product. Add to that
subtle floral and mineral notes.
Excellent - 95 out of 100 points! «

Storage potential: 5 - 30 years
Drinking strength: 40% vol.
Bottle: 0.35 l
Harvest year: 2013

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