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Blueberry jam

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Pravalia-Romanian Delights
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Blueberry jam from the Apuseni Mountains in Romania.

Black-bluish, sweet-and-sour, wild blueberries are a source of health and contain active ingredients that bring important benefits to our body.

In view of the region of production of blueberries and the difficulty of manual harvesting, the economic value of the berries, which are considered as organic food, is increasing.

The whole process of preserving wild blueberry jam is handpicked: from the harvesting of fruits from the mountains to sorting, cleaning, washing, preserving in glasses and decorating.

The jam contains only wild fruits and sugar, without the addition of dyes, flavors or other additives.

Ingredients: Wild Blueberries (67%), Sugar (33%)

Total sugar content: maximum 45%

Content: 200g

Homemade product. Was sterilized in a water bath. Store cool and dry. Protect from sunlight. Cool after opening and use up in 30 days.

Nutrition facts (for 100 g): Nutritional value 180 kcal, proteins 0,47 g, lipids 0,4 g, carbohydrates 45 g, fiber 4 g.

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In our store "Pravalia" (Romanian for: the shop) we would like to inspire you for selected specialties and romanian craftsmanship. From excellent wines, exceptional honey and aromatic tea to traditional, but modern handcraft you will find a fine selection in our shop.
Have fun discovering and enjoying!
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