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Book of Friends - a friend's book for adults

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'Book of Friends - a friend's book for adults'

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The Book of Friends - The Poetry Album for Adults.
The poetry album is finally available for adults too!
The Book of Friends presents itself nicely designed with new, funny and serious questions.

A personal gift that you keep forever and enjoy for years every time you take it in your hands. A perfect gift.

Questions make you think, laugh and remember. So you are asked about the magic power that you would like to have. The rubric of what I love about you and what doesn't call for honesty, on the one hand to confess again what you value about your friends and on the other hand to openly criticize, because both are indispensable ingredients for any good relationship.

A long ribbon is wrapped around the book, from which anyone who writes in the book can cut off a piece for a friendship bracelet as a reward.

The Book of Friends has room for 15 of your friends.

The makers
They come from Switzerland, Albania, Italy and Holland and have settled in Berlin. The makers are all independent entrepreneurs.
With the new edition of the poetry album, they want to give their friends another opportunity to note something nice about them - all rather unpopular at school. After all, everyone deserves a second chance ...

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