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Book "Naturally Natural Cosmetics", make cosmetics yourself, background knowledge and over 70 recipes to imitate at home

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Store rating

Owner - Katrin Maiwald Store rating

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'Book "Naturally Natural Cosmetics", make cosmetics yourself, background knowledge and over 70 recipes to imitate at home'

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Authentic beauty through sustainably homemade cosmetic products, from creams to lipsticks, hair balms, perfumes and much more. Richly illustrated, you will find over 70 recipes by Katrin Maiwald in this book. Katrin is a course instructor for natural cosmetics, an aroma practitioner and one of the recipe creators at Fair Squared, the innovative Fairtrade natural cosmetics label from Cologne. Based on six years of research, basic knowledge of natural cosmetics is also explained clearly and with dedication.


Theory content:

-Why make natural cosmetics yourself
- Starting point: Ingredients used
-General information on skin care
-What do the different skin types need?
Influencing factors
-Preparation forms
-Components of fatty acids
- Basic ingredients: vegetable oils
-Combine oils
-A selection of vegetable oils
-Essential oils
-Shelf life and preservation of natural cosmetics
-Preparation and hygiene
-Accessories natural cosmetics
-Active ingredients and selected plant portraits
- Make emulsions
-Your first purchase

Recipes in the book:

After sun gel, all-round mask, neck booster, anti-aging cream, anti-pimple cream, avocado mask hair
Bath salt, banana mask, beard oil, beard wax, base emulsion, body lotion, deep care, body lotion, body melt
Cleanser, conditioner, mattifying cream, rich cream
Steam bath, deodorant cream, deodorant spray, fragrance roll-on, fragrance spray (tired, lively, sensual), shower gel
Strawberry peeling
Face gel, face oil, facial toner
Hair oil, hair tip lipid, hair conditioner, household cleaner, honey peeling, cough balm
Intensive mask (anti-pimple), Jumpo Lip-Liner
Coffee peeling, body butter, body cream
Lip balm, lipstick, light facial fluid
Make-up remover, massage oil
Papaya mask, perfume balm, perfume rose garden, peeling, parsley mask, face care balm
Cleansing milk, rose milk hair
Shoe wax, face shaking lotion, simple soap, serum, shampoo bar, shampoo, egg yolk shampoo, sports gel
Tinted day cream, quick toner, dry shampoo
Wellness balls


Total number of pages: 180
Author: Katrin Maiwald
In cooperation with Rheinblick5 Verlag
Language: German


The book is printed on certified FSC paper

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