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Branch of porcelain-studs - white

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lille mus
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'Branch of porcelain-studs - white'

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The beautiful earrings enchant with their high-quality workmanship and elegant design. Despite the simple form, the white studs through the branch decorated with 24 carat gold become a decorative treasure on your ears. The earrings are made in Munich by hand from Montblanc porcelain where each piece of jewelry is fired three times. The pure gold is burned into the last step at 800 degrees in the porcelain. This elaborate procedure of burning, the jewelry is scratch - and shock-resistant. The earrings are gold-plated 925 Silver.

  • Material: Montblanc porcelain
  • Color: White/gold
  • Motive: Branch
  • Finish: glazed
  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • Decor: 24-carat gilded
  • Ear plug: gold plated 925 sterling silver

All earrings are available in a beautiful jewelry box .

In our shop you will find the ear plugs in different colors and designs!
Due to the ear plugs we offer also a chain with branch pattern.

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