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DOM on the bread! Incredibly delicious, unprecedented spread of fresh and crispy roasted almonds. ' A balancing on the Pan cake, vanilla ice cream, to the waffle... or just with a spoon directly out of the jar ate. the great spreads there also with roasted cashew nut, hazelnuts, peanuts and pistachios. 
Handmade with passion, actually vegan, without any additives, and how we think: Express suchtgefährlich!

INGREDIENTS: Almonds (45%), sugar, sunflower oil, vanilla sugar, sea salt (1%).

May contain traces of other nuts, groundnuts sesame.

IMPORTANT: We use no additives.

The oil settles with time and preserved in natural way. (Yeah!)
The crunch makes it look rather at the bottom, so always back times stir thoroughly, so that everything in its place.

OH YES: protect from heat, light and other spoons.

Shelf LIFE: 6 months from production.
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