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Breaks Gin Manufaktur
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Breaks Gin Tasting Box 2

Brand: Breaks Gin

Seller: Breaks Gin Manufaktur Karlsruhe

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Breaks Gin Manufaktur
Owner - Harald Reinholz Store rating

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Your gin tasting box for at home! 5 bottles of 5 breaks gin + 5 bottles of different tonic water, including instructions, aroma wheel and tasting sheet to enter. See, smell, taste! The step-by-step instructions are intended to help you enjoy a gin better, more profoundly and with more facets. Of course, it is primarily intended to educate and train your palate in order to taste more aromas and gradually more and more facets of a gin. The instructions also instruct you to get the most out of a spirit and to break down and analyze the flavors into their various components. Because that's actually the nicest thing about enjoying a spirit. Gin is not just gin and not “just” a simple spirit.


  • 5 bottles of Breaks Little Gin á 50 ml
    Butchers Gin, Reserve Gin, Choco Gin, Winter Gin, Sloeberry Gin
  • 5 bottles of tonic water á 200 ml
    Thomas Henry Fevertree Tonic, Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit, Goldberg Bone Dry Tonic, Goldberg Ginger Beer, Goldberg Bitter Lemon
  • Instructions A5
  • Aroma wheel A4
  • Tasting sheet A3

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