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BUHNE16 Paracord bracelet unique sterling silver


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Paracord bracelet for women and men made of sterling silver with the official coordinates of the most legendary beach bar in Kampens, Buhne 16.

THE EXCLUSIVE BUHNE16 BRACELET is our newest product with the hotspot on Sylt. Outwardly shaped with the nautical coordinates of Kampen's most legendary beach bar, Buhne 16.
The favorite place is no longer worn only in the heart, but also as a decorative accessory.

Each of us needs an anchorage, a place with which my heart is anchored. A place that I like to think of, that inspires me, that gives me warmth, strength and protection, that is a way of life for me.
Instead of words, we chose coordinates to give the bracelets something mysterious. "My unique statement".

True to our motto "100% HANDMADE in Germany" we traditionally manufacture our bracelets. The bracelets are knotted by hand. The straps are made of robust paracord. The material has a long tradition that originates from the military. In the spirit of the manufactory, the coins are minted by hand using an old press. Each piece is unique. The embossed button made of solid sterling silver serves as a clasp and makes the arm jewelry perfect.

The bracelets are available in three lengths and two color variations, which differ in length. How to find the perfect bracelet for you.

In short : wrist circumference: 16 - 17cm
Normal : wrist circumference: 18 - 19cm
Long : wrist circumference: 20cm

Women usually wear the short band, men the normal band. Real guys sometimes grab a long strap

We have been a proud member of since the summer of this year and donate 1% of ANCRAGE's sales.
1% for the Planet's intention is to fund various environmental organizations so that together they can be a stronger unit for solving the problems of our world.

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