Owner - Shino Plum & Bianca Mirkovic

Burgundy Cardigan

Brand: Nurmi

Seller: Phasenreich Munich

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Owner - Shino Plum & Bianca Mirkovic

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'Burgundy Cardigan'

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Unisex Cardigan / / Burgundy

Color: burgundy
Size: XS-XL
Fit: Classic unisex cardigan. Women, if you want a fitted style choose one size smaller than normally you use.
Material: 70% recycled wool, 25% recycled polyamide, 5% recycled other fibers
Measurements: Please check product pictures for measurement chart.
/ / Raw material sourced from European knitting factories and processed into yarn in France
Knitted in Tallinn, Estonia
Designed in Lahti, Finland
/ / MATERIAL: RECYCLED WOOLthe raw material for Nurmi knits is recycled knitting waste sourced from European knitting factories and processed into new yarn in France. Water search as by using discarded waste as raw material of fabrics we can significantly reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption during the material production. The yarn is made out of regenerated fibers: 70% recycled wool, 25% recycled polyamide, 5% recycled other fibers. The wool makes it warm & cozy, and the polyamide enhances durability. As the material is recycled it is soft next to your skin than wool normally is but just as high quality. No. of additional dyeing is needed because the raw material is pre consumer waste which has been already dyed. / / CARE INSTRUCTIONS Wool doesn't need washing as often as other fibers do - it's enough to simply air them out and spot clean where needed. When you do wash them (not often this is!) set your washing machine to gentle wash cold (30 degrees). Wash inside out, do not tumble dry. Line dry by laying the garment flat and stretching it to correct shape. Wool knits may pill, especially when they are new. Pilling occurs when shorter fibers are working their way to the surface of the knit forming tiny fuzz especially to areas where knit rubs against something like a shoulder strap. Pilling is natural to staple fibers and it can be easily removed without damaging the knit with a comb or a pilling remover.
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