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Are you looking for a nice scent, fancy soap and personal hygiene? Here in Sugar Trends you can buy cosmetics online from the finest local stores around the world. In our cosmetic and perfume category, you’ll find oils, beauty implement such as sponges, brusher, shampoo, and shower gel. Good quality does not always come with high price, here you can prove it. Now buying beauty product can be just a click away!

In Sugar Trends, you will not only find face make-up products, but also a whole body care set looking. With us, your beauty is in good hands, because we can offer you the best beauty product from local stores around the globe with the best price and quality. Our handmade and natural soap from All Groove in Belgrade is suitable for face and body and also available in various different version. We also have the hyped products of "Stop the water while using me" are just great. It’s a green vegan, and without animal testing product. You can find body lotion, shower gel, and also shampoo from this product. Have you see our beauty brushes from Perfectly Imperfect? This professional make-up brushes are originated from one of our stores “Salon Two” and consist of high-quality synthetic hair. Now it’s your turn to prove our best quality cosmetics product!

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