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Chakura T-Shirt Clouds by Ku Ambiance

Brand: Ku Ambiance

Seller: Ku Ambiance Frankfurt

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Ku Ambiance
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'Chakura T-Shirt Clouds by Ku Ambiance'

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Unisex Short Sleeve Round Neck Tee with Clouds.

High-quality basics made of super-light and super-soft 100% Supima baby jersey. The high durability of the material promises long-term pleasure. Decorated with a kasuri weave on an arm seam and the hand-printed clouds, the shirt as a single and as a combined with monochrome shirts or our hoodless jacket for men at any age is an eyecatcher, for women all-time casual fashion.

Colors: White, Mango, Kiwi, Dusty Rose, Red Apple, Black.

Material: Baby Jersey Supima 100% cotton.

Hand wash or fine wash at 30 °.

Kasuri (絣) - traditional Japanese web art.
On most models of the Chakura collection you can find a small piece of traditional Japanese web art: Kasuri. Kasuri was used since the 19th century for the weaving of the everyday kimonos. Kasuri production requires a high level of craftsmanship. Today, only a few Japanese weavers have mastered this old technique. With the use of the small Kasuri weave on our clothes, we would like to support the survival of this beautiful old craft.

Material: 100% cotton.

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