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Checkered cap BELA_176


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'Checkered cap BELA_176'

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This extravagant shield cap BELA_176 has a short square shielding as protection from wind and weather and emphasizes your cheek part by the apex.
All caps are equipped with a special inner life - our warming quilted cotton quilted lining (skin-friendly).

Care: On the way, if you do not wear the cap, you can simply turn it on the left and stow away in your pocket. After wearing, when the cap has become wet or wet, for example, it is sufficient with newspaper paper or the like. Easy to stuff and easy to dry.
Since all of our caps have a stabilizing and shaping interior, such as fixed inserts and quilted cotton lining , they always retain their shape .

Rarely a dry cleaning will be necessary. Do not wring or wash the cap!
Have fun!

Please measure your head circumference loosely at the strongest place over the ears!

Size S corresponds to 55/56 cm
Size M corresponds to 57/58 cm
Size L corresponds to 59/60 cm

Materials utilized Oberstoff außen: wool blend checkered
Quilted lining inside: cotton (100% cotton) with polyester padding (100% polyester)

Manufacture in tailoring






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