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Chocolate Bomb - Indian monsooned Malabar

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'Chocolate Bomb - Indian monsooned Malabar'

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Our chocolate will definitely meet their name: gently envelops and detonates bombastic :-)
She is a strong and intense taste experience, that their production process is very säurearm and so gentle to the stomach.

The bomb is composed of 80% Indian monsooned Malabar and 20% Brazil Santos. The espresso roast is suitable for filter-holder, fully automatic machine, Bialetti, and French Press.

The "monsooned" coffee is a classic example of how new coffees are discovered by chance. Originally was the Kaffeetransport with sailing ships and took as much time to the consumer countries in Europe claim. The climatic difference between the continents resulted in a change of colour, size and taste of the coffee. The characteristics of this "defect" enjoyed at some coffee drinkers of so popular that air circulation monsoon now specifically used by coffee farmers in India for the production of this speciality coffee.

The region Malabar on the West coast of India is the home of the traditional procedure of "monsooning"-procedure. The humid monsoon climate causes the same changes as the originally long trip to Europe. Her particular taste and smell is created by the moisture absorption of the beans. The result is a unique, soft and tea coffee experience.

First, the mature coffee cherries are recited after harvest and until thoroughly dried until the "chattering" of beans is clearly perceptible. "Monsooned" coffee is then created in the so-called Peel factories. Small dry House applied layers of up to 15 cm on well-ventilated cement floors. So the coffee will be hot humid climate. With increasing humidity, the coffee beans swell and increase your moisture content of 12 to 14% on some 16 to 20%. At the same time changes their color in the characteristic straw Brown to yellowish.

Loosely filled and with sufficient distance to each other filled jute sacks a better circulation of the monsoon allow what supports the development of a uniform moisture content in all beans. A regular transfer in fresh jute bags prevents the formation of moulds and ensures a consistent "monsooning" - effect. Overall, this special treatment of "monsooned" coffee takes about 8 to 10 weeks.

To ensure the best possible quality, finally defective beans by hand are sorted out.

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