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Chocolate record - Trude Herr "I don't want chocolate"

Brand: Wohlfarth Schokolade

Seller: Wohlfarth Schokolade Berlin

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Wohlfarth Schokolade
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'Chocolate record - Trude Herr "I don't want chocolate"'

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Wohlfarth's well-known "chocolate sound plate". The chocolate single that plays music and also tastes delicious. With 70% cocoa content.
The history of the "Schoko sound plate" goes back to the 20th century. At the beginning of 1900, the big chocolate producer Stollwerk and the inventor Edison teamed up to develop a small phonograph for children. With this one could play chocolate talers. At that time, however, the grooves were not yet directly in the chocolate, but on the Staniolverpackung. In the 80s, the Berlin inventor and hobbyist Peter Lardong invented the chocolate record we offer today. He quickly succeeded in producing many thousands of records together with a company. Then the CD came on and the company stopped producing.

With us, Wohlfarth chocolate, you will always find a small selection of different titles. At Christmas time, we also offer four different Christmas songs. You can always ask us for an individualized chocolate plate, we offer this to companies and private persons.

You can play the record at least 3-4 times. When you come to us in the shop, you can also listen to any record. Incidentally, we play our Schoko records at least 20 to 30 times. The most important thing you have to do before you play the choco-plate is to reduce the weight of the tonearm at the front. It has to be much lighter than vinyl. And if you put the Schoko sound-plate in the fridge for a few minutes before playing it, then a good success is even more certain, because cold chocolate is firmer. The needle will not be damaged, but should be cleaned with a small brush after each play. You can also read all of this information when purchasing a chocolate sounding plate in the enclosed operating instructions. Wohlfarth chocolate wishes a lot of pleasure, but is not liable for a successful outcome.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass °, raw cane sugar °, cocoa butter °. Cocoa: 70% at least. May contain traces of nuts , sesame, lecithin and lactose . from controlled organic cultivation. 70 g net. Store cool and dry.

Average nutritional information per 100 g * / Average nutritional values ​​per 100g *

Energy / energy 2.401 kJ / 579 kcal
Fat / fat 42 g
-saturated fatty acids / of which saturates 26 g
Carbohydrates / carbohydrates 36 g
- of which sugar / of which sugars 30 g
Fiber / fiber 12 g
Protein / protein 7 g
Salt / salt 0 g

* All information is calculated according to nutritional tables and subject to natural variations.
* All information has been calculated from tables of nutritional value and are subject to natural deviations.

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Wohlfarth Schokolade
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Chocolate manufacturer with organic quality – Wohlfarth Schokolade The Wohlfarth Schokolade chocolate shop is popular for its edible handicraft artistry. In his Berlin chocolate factory with elaborate handwork, Christoph Wohlfahrth transforms raw materials from organic agriculture into small works of art.

 Wohlfarth values sustainability – out of love for the environment The self-evident claim of Wohlfarth Schokolade is to offer its products at the best organic quality.

But, the chocolate manufacturer goes one step further: Wohlfarth Schokolade avoids using plastic in its packaging as much as possible and sends its products in a climate-friendly way with DHL GoGreen.

The company regulates its monetary transactions through the Ökobank GLS Gemeinschaftsbank (Germany’s most sustainable company in 2012), the electricity for the chocolate manufacturer stems from the green electricity provider Lichtblick.

The packages of the products are sustainable and are made of either FSC certified or recycled paper as well as cellophane (transparent plastic film made of cellulose).
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