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Galerie Christel Keller
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Christel Keller - cows on the dike

Brand: Christel Keller

Seller: Galerie Christel Keller Bamberg

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Galerie Christel Keller
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'Christel Keller - cows on the dike'

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Digital fine art prints on linen.

In this process genuine linen is used over a canvas frame. High-quality paints make sure that the colors are just as brilliant after many years. These prints can hardly be distinguished from a genuine painting. By using special frames, the material can be newly stretched should it become dented. The frames are made of well-matured European fir - wood.

Various dimensions available.
The pictures are provided with on attachment to hang them on the wall.

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Galerie Christel Keller

Christel Keller’s Cow Portraits convey old values to the art-lover: Solidarity, impressions of an intact world, an idyllic countryside, strength, peace and quiet, gentleness, motherly care.,  “…..the cow is the mother of mankind…” a quotation by Philip Roth – a notion that we associate un-consciously with these pictures.

But what impression do we associate with Christel Keller’s cow portraits? So full of character, they show features of emotions and seem almost human – especially those big, beautiful eyes.

To recognize the nature of these animals and to transmit it to everyone, that is what Christel Keller wishes to make transparent with her animal paintings. With her pictures she wishes to pay homage to the beauty, tranquility, and dignity of these marvelous creatures. 

Christel Keller does not only paint cows, but other animals, as well, such as dogs, sheep, cats, seagulls, elephants, and, last but not least, portrait paintings of “real” people .

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